Liz Howden
“I have hardly missed a Friday morning (Total Body Workout) class in 15 years – and have the abs to prove it!  Linda runs a professional but fun class and I hope to still be a regular attender into my 90s.”
“I have been attending Linda’s Monday morning Pilates class for almost 2 years now and in that time we moved from temporary accommodation to a light, airy, purpose built studio.  Besides the enjoyment I have found that Pilates under Linda’s guidance has been very beneficial. I had a hip replacement 24 years ago and since starting the classes I feel that I am much more flexible and the number of anti-inflammatory tablets that I need to take has greatly reduced, which must in itself be a good recommendation!”
Cathi Stone
“I have known Linda Marshall for many years and always found her an excellent exercise teacher. When she started to teach Modern Pilates I was delighted as I knew she was a safe pair of hands for my patients. I am familiar with the Modern Pilates course which is well taught and professional as well as being fun to do.Over the past few years I have recommended many of my patients to Linda,  particularly those with poor core stability leading to back pain. All have continued to attend having seen the benefits and enjoyed the experience.Linda is a thoroughly professional ...

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