Hello Linda, I just want to say how relieved I am that I have minimal back pain these days and that’s thanks to your Pilates classes.

As you know, I slipped 3 discs in my back in September 2016 and suffered sciatica for months. After starting your Pilates classes the following march things slowly started to improve and now 6 months after staring Pilates my back feels great, I’m so pleased! Every morning as I wake up I always start with pelvic tilts and hip rolls just to help loosen up my back for the day as first thing in the morning it’s very stiff and I get pins and needles in the sole of my foot sometimes which I have to say I haven’t had pins and needles for a few weeks now.

I’m just so thankful to you and your team for being there and making my everyday life less painful and more aware of my posture in everything I do.

Ps. It’s a big plus for the stronger muscles too that help support my bones more easily!

Thank you so much Linda!