Since joining the beginner’s class earlier this year, I have felt relaxed and loosened after each session. This is a really good feeling after a day of bad posture in the office or seizing up sitting at the computer at home! However, I have also noticed some other benefits that have stayed with me beyond the classes. For example, my balance has improved, and I find it easier to stand on one leg. (a small thing you may think, but it certainly comes in handy. I have also noticed that when walking up hill, I am more consciously “engaging those abs” and “glutes” which definitely help “power” me up the hill more easily! I am also conscious of tilting and squatting to lift after years of bending in a most unsafe manner to lift things! When I tweaked my back recently, (not through lifting!) I found that by engaging and using my core muscles more, I gained relief from the symptoms. And one more benefit – there are a couple of junctions in Knutsford where it is difficult to see oncoming traffic, particularly if one has a stiff neck and restricted movement, however, I have found that the mobility in my neck has improved and I am now better able to turn my head to see the traffic, even on the difficult junctions. Overall then, I am therefore be safer, stronger and more flexible than when I first began my classes! Thanks Linda and the team, I have now signed up again for the next term!