My sister recommended Fit4life to me as she has been attending classes there for some time. I am so pleased I followed her advice. I was suffering from osteoarthritis in both hips and wanted to prepare myself well for my upcoming operations. Under the supervision of Sue who is a qualified Physiotherapist I did someone to one session’s so she could understand my needs. I then joined one of her classes. By the time I had surgery I felt I had strengthened the muscles around my hip significantly. After my first op I was well ahead of the predicted healing patterns. I was declared completely fit after 4 weeks. I then returned to classes before the 2nd op. My recovery after the second op was just 3 weeks! I know that Sue, her knowledge and Pilates experience have been major contributors to my success. I continue to benefit from her classes; they’re fun and give me a whole-body workout. I know the classes will help keep my new hips and all my other joints in good working order for many years to come.