One of the reasons I retired early a couple of years ago was due to pain in my left hip which was increasingly aggravated by a sedentary office job. I knew it was osteoarthritis and had been warned that I would probably need a hip replacement at some point. Friends recommended Pilates and in particular Fit4life. So, I tried an initial class with Linda and have never looked back since. I have been in Sue’s class for over 2 years now and am convinced that the improvement in my balance and flexibility helped me avoid surgery for longer than I would otherwise have done. Classes are very relaxed, and everyone’s different needs are taken into account. Moreover, I received a lot of good advice from Sue, who is also a qualified Physiotherapist. I finally had surgery in late March and was back in my Pilates class by early June. Although I had been given a few basic post-op exercises from the hospital, the classes highlighted a few weak areas that I needed to work on. And I feel confident that all the exercises I do in class take my hip replacement into account. Everyone in the classes is friendly and supportive and there is a good mix of medical conditions which all makes for a very interesting and enjoyable experience. Many thanks to you and Sue,